Monday, January 26, 2015

The ongoing laundry saga...

So I discussed the other day my oldest son's phobia of having to do laundry. 

It greatly affected his life when I made him sort socks. And yes, I made him tackle the whole basket of socks, everyone's socks. Not just his own. 

Yes, I am mean. But really. I do everyone else's laundry, he doesn't need to limit himself to only matching up and folding his socks. 

It was such a painful experience that he decided that he would resort to only wearing one pair of socks each week. 

This way, it is 6 fewer pairs of socks to sort and fold! A tremendous and innovative time saver!

Except EWWW! 

It didn't blow past me for long. It becomes pretty obvious when the stacks of socks are drastically underrepresented for one person.

And it's the middle of January. It isn't like it is sandal city here. 

How long will the laundry phobia go on and how can I ride this horse?

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