Friday, January 09, 2015

Back in the saddle

So I would like to get back to blogging more in 2015. The past few years of shock with dealing with three kids has taken a toll on my writing. I don't blog for others. I blog for myself and try to keep it at a level that isn't private, but accessible to others who care. I don't respond to comments from Anonymous (plenty of those lately), but I try to screen comments of spam and always appreciate comments. So... hopefully you will be seeing more of me back here. I love the wealth of stories and data that I have accumulated over the last 10 years, I want that to continue.

I love looking back and reading funny stories of my kids. Things I never think I will forget, but I do. Here's a few:

On the following conversation with Leif you have to understand that a few weeks ago I told him I wouldn't always be there to do his laundry. Someday he will go to college and have to do his laundry so he should start learning now. This has caused GREAT concern for him. 

Leif: "We had to say in library what we wanted to be when we grow up and I said chef."

Me: "What? I know you like to cook, but I thought you wanted to be a computer programmer."

Leif: "Well I was thinking that it would be good if I was a chef so that when I went to college I could trade with people. Hey, you do my laundry and I will cook you dinner!"

Me: "Well that isn't a half bad idea, but you better be a dang good cook!"

Leif: (looking at me rolling his eyes) "My father is AB." 


Silas is all about instructing me lately. And he gets pretty forceful with what I should be doing. 

"No mama, no." (To just about everything.)

"Go mama, go." (Usually when he is playing with Skadi and doesn't think I should interrupt.)

"Help mama, help." (When his scooter gets stuck, or he can't force his way through whatever.)

"Cheese mama, cheese." (Get me cheese... and the little weirdo is often asking for gorgonzola lately.) 

"Kick it mama, kick it." (Play soccer with me.) 

I love the cadence of his requests and that they all have "mama" in them and repeat the request at the end. 

Almost like the child listens to me...

"No Silas, no." 

Naw... can't be. None of the kids ever listen to me. 

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