Saturday, October 05, 2013

Catching Up

I need some mental blogging capability. Because I really do enjoy blogging and love the journaling aspect. I really love flipping back to old blogs for reference (how big exactly were the older two at this age?) and when my kids are older I want to share some of the crazy things they did and said. In order to keep doing this, I need to keep blogging. And since adding hours in the day hasn’t panned out, maybe blogging mentally would work? I think about what I want to blog about and it just happens... someday it will be real.
Anyways, new fiscal year, let’s get it caught up and started out right.
Skadi: “Mom, pinky promise me you won’t tell dad?”
Me: “Ok.” (Crossing fingers because I tell AB everything.)
Skadi: “I have a boyfriend!!” Then she jumps up and down and squeals like the little girl she is!
Me: “Really!!” (Thrilled that she is telling me this and hoping she will continue to tell me these things as she gets older.) “What’s his name?”
Skadi: (Blank stare) “I don’t know that.”
Me: "Didn't you find your sweatpants in the dryer yesterday?"

Leif: "Yes, but they probably aren't there now."

Me: "Oh yeah, because our house elves came."

Leif: (eyeroll)

Minutes later the dishwasher is acting up.

Me: "Hans guess what you get to fit in today among everything else?"

AB: "Ugh."

Skadi: "What about the house elves?"

Girl Scout Coordinator to Skadi: "Would you like to join Girl Scouts?"

Skadi: "No I just want to buy cookies."

Daycare floater: “I have to tell you, I just love when I get assigned to Infant A because I know I get to go in and have Silas smile and laugh with me for at least some portion of my day. He makes my day.”

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