Sunday, August 04, 2013

The one thing

I love being a mom. I actually even love being pregnant - the nausea IS temporary, I would go through 40 weeks of nausea for each of my kids. I love the birthing process. The newborn sleepies are awesome. The first smiles. 

The list goes on.

But the one thing that kills me... The one thing I cannot wait to be rid of?

Nursing bras! 

Gag. Beyond done with them. I swore with #2 that I would readily spend a small fortune on nursing bras that fit well. 

I have spent a small fortune. I have bought high end big names, low end cheapos, nearly every nursing bra I have come across I have tried.
I love nursing. I actually don't mind pumping so much. 

But I DESPISE nursing bras. 

Ok I am done. Back as you were. 

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