Saturday, July 27, 2013


I am thinking I am going to get back to the monthly goals things. I have always enjoyed this, I have a list of projects to complete and life is starting to settle down a bit since Silas’ arrival. So here goes!




August will be organization month for school! Yay school! I will be so happy when I am no longer paying for summer camps for the kids. They love them really. We need them, because neither AB nor I are staying home. So it is a necessary evil, but bah. I am tired of hauling kids, wonky schedules, remembering to apply sunscreen and begging the kids to remember to apply sunscreen as well.


I have a few small tasks/chores to accomplish before school starts. This will be a good month for small baby steps since we have a crazy month of travel/camping/houseguests ahead of us.


Task #1 – Chair bags


You know how the kids do their homework at the table and then you have to eat there and you clear the table and then you hear, “mom, where did my homework go?”


I am going to fix that.


I bought fabric for each kid last spring – yellow with skulls for Leif and a crazy pink pattern for Skadi. But I didn’t get around to doing this while on maternity leave, then summer happened and I didn’t really need the bags, so it fell off my to do list. Basically each kid will have a bag that fits on their chair at the kitchen table. When we need to clear the table, their school work goes into the chair bag. Their library books are also going to go there. I am also going to step it up and put pockets on the front to house a few pencils and eraser for each kid, colored pencils and scissors. So that they don’t need to dig through the school supplies drawer in search of these things 142 times a day (see below).


Task #2 – School supplies drawer


Badly needs organizing since my kids think they need to dig into it 142 times a day (see above). Skadi will have fun though testing every.single.marker in that drawer to see which ones work and which ones don’t.


Task #3 – Calendar


I usually use these big Post It calendars to organize our month. But then I have to rewrite two a month – because I want one at work. And some things never change. I need a template in Excel. Must create one.


Then coming up? Master Bedroom and our Living Room!


Our Master bedroom has never been anything special – I don’t have a single thing on the walls even! We sleep there and store our clothes there. But now I have a new quilt I made that I love. And AB has made a bed – 75% complete and if I can ever decide what I want for a headboard, it might get to 90% complete. AB declares that he loves Silas’ bedroom. He goes in there and sits with Silas and finds it so tranquil. He attributes this to the paint color. We are going to paint our room the same soft toffee color. It will match the quilt perfectly. And I would love to figure out some storage options for that room. Problem is, I don’t even know what I need. But every flat surface we have becomes covered. I would like this to be our September task… but it might get pushed to November when I will have a week off work to really work it.


The Living Room is up there too. We are thinking new flooring – the Brazilian Teak we put in the office and formal dining room. Take out the nasty carpet and put the teak in there. Get a big rug then. I would love, love, love to replace our furniture. Move the sectional up to the playroom and get new furniture. But unless we get a windfall that isn’t happening. But a fresh coat of paint and some wall hangings would go a long way with the new floors. I have the paint color and everything – just extending the taupe from the foyer and the other two rooms. And I have one accent wall to do something fun with. Fun tbd!


But September might be devoted to the back yard. We may be ready to start pulling out the sod and putting in the start of our backyard seating/kitchen.

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