Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This I love

When I was a kid my mom would let me play in the kitchen and invent my own recipes. Skadi has taken this on.

This is her recipe for her first invention - "Chocolate Fluffy Puff". It is especially neat for her as her brother likes it and requests she make it for her regularly.

I like it because it has seriously upped my kids' milk intake.

Simple, not terribly original, but very cool for a kindergartener. And I am putting away the recipe card.

Recipe: Chocolate Fluffy Puff
From: Skadi

Pour milk in a cup.
Put a scoop of chocolate in it. (We use Ovaltine.)
I stirred it good.
Milk frother it.

(The key component to this recipe is the milk frother. A little <$7 gadget I grabbed at Ikea to froth my milk for my coffee. So I rarely use it. It is getting a run lately as Skadi froths a half a glass of milk to the top. Cool stuff!)

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