Monday, October 01, 2012

Goulash Post - everything mixed into one

It has been a crazy end of summer and start to the school year. I have a list of blog topics, but know that I am either not going to get to them, or that they are old now and out of date.
I will try to hit the high points and not be too spastic:
Skadi and Babies:
Skadi has an ongoing fascination with babies. If we are at a store and she sees a baby bucket carrier she is over peering into it. I have been trying to catch her as I recall what those early days were like with a new infant and having a potentially germy, sticky kid you don’t know walk up and start peering into the carrier. Ick. Not that my daughter is germy or routinely sticky, but I don’t want her to weird parents out.
She came with a theory this summer about how babies get into their mommy’s tummys: “God picks you and says, ‘you there, you are going in a tummy’ and the baby gets to pick if they want to go to that mommy or not. And as soon as she says yes than God puts her in a bag with a parachute and tosses her off the cloud where she falls and falls and falls into the mommy’s tummy! And that’s how babies get into tummies! That’s how I got in your’s mommy, God pointed to you and I said “yes” and he flung me out of the cloud. It is good you were standing still at the time so I could get into your tummy instead of land on the ground.”
Skadi also has an innate belief in reincarnation – she believes that her grandma, who died when she was three years old, went to heaven and is in the waiting line to be tossed off a cloud and into someone else’s tummy. And who knows, maybe she is already a little girl somewhere!
Sometimes it is hard not to believe every word she says when she recites these stories and beliefs. I am positive she has “lawyer” in her future.
This remains my favorite Skadi-ism and one that I honestly hope she never loses. Though I am sure it is just a matter of time. Yes, Skadi still calls foreheads, “twoheads”. Unless you are big like daddy, then you have a “forehead”.
We have had a busy summer of camping. We aimed to get our trailer out every other weekend. We only missed a few of those.
We had one interesting camping trip this summer with a few oddities. Actually it was a pretty miserable camping trip because of all the mosquitos, and I couldn’t wait to get home. But during the trip we encountered a few new things. First off while we were traveling about 10 miles from White Pass – this is major mountain area, not a field, not flatlands, but windy, hairpin road with steep mountain valleys and hills on each side – about 20 miles to Mt. Rainier entrance – we came around a hairpin turn in our Sequoia towing the trailer and nearly hit a calf. As in a baby cow. No idea where in the world it came from or belonged.
Anyways, we got to where we were going after a bit of a scare slamming on our breaks for this lone calf in the road. We happened to be camping on a small, shallow river that had an island and a few little spits of land into the river that were super for the kids (except for the bugs). They immediately started playing in the river as AB and I fished.
AB and I caught nothing. Leif on the other hand managed to catch, with HIS BARE HANDS, two sucker type fish in the shallow areas. He was terribly proud of himself and hugely popular among the children at the shore. And not very happy with us when I told him that he could, in no way, keep the fish and we would not be eating them. “Sucker fish aren’t good to eat,” we told him. Well he suggested, he could just keep them in a fish tank? We made him throw them back. Mean parents we are.
I can’t believe it, I have a 2nd grader and a kindergartener!
This year we decided to change things up. We pulled Skadi from her private Montessori preschool/kindergarten/1st-2nd grade school and stuck her into public school! We took her from the mouth of privilege and snobbery and put her with the rest of the world in public kindergarten and the onsite before school care (since she is in PM kindergarten) with germy, sticky toys.
And you know what? The child loves it.
It is a different world for her. It is a different world for me – one where instead of talking to her teacher daily, I have heard from her 3 times by e-mail throughout the year. She has a whole new cadre of friends. She brings home library books – waving them in the air from the moment she gets off the bus. She recites her addition tables and identifies words. She is completely pleased with her new school and chatters incessantly about her day.
Way back when, we told the kids “if mommy’s team wins this big award, we will go to DisneyWorld!”
And then it happened. I got the news we won and Leif and I jumped up and down in the kitchen squealing about DISNEYWORLD!
We went to Disneyworld almost 2 years ago and had a pretty good time. It could have been better, but we weren’t prepared like we will be now!!
So after months of wrangling for permission to even go to the awards and then further wrangling about using 3 days of vacation time while on travel (and taking a hit on what work will pay for because of this - aka manager discretion) we have tickets (airline and park), hotel rooms, dinner reservations, I have a formal dress, AB needs a tux and I need to confirm the babysitter for the night of the awards.
On our list:
Day 1: Epcot (girl’s breakfast with the princesses while the boys ride rides), dinner at Chefs de France
Day 2: Hollywood Studios (family breakfast with Disney Jr characters), Fantasmic in the evening.
Day 3: TBD, dinner at a Cuban restaurant
Day 4: Magic Kingdom, breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
Day 5: TBD (beach maybe), switch to SeaWorld hotel for awards.
Day 6: SeaWorld, Mommy’s award ceremony.
Day 7: Universal Studios
Day 8: Fly Home
Cannot wait.
The Nugget
Have you made it this far? Stuck with me? Well then you are awarded with a nugget.
Head on over here and check it out.
Carman Baby #3 to arrive in April 2013! Officially will be announced at some point in the coming few weeks on Facebook.


Karen said...

Wow, congrats on the happy news! I mean #3, not the award and Disneyworld, although that's pretty good too!

Unknown said...

What?! Awesome, congrats to you and Hans! :)

Jay said...

Soo meaty - the goulash that is - love love love the nuggett! Congratulations to you all.
The name game may kill me though. . .

vanessa said...

I do keep my eye over here...So happy for you on so many levels!