Sunday, February 05, 2012


I called AB the other day to remind him that I have a class on that Thursday and would thus have to work late and he would have to get off early. He replies to me, "so do I, I have that leadership class".

And so we started scrambling.

You know when you are faced with adversity (I know, this isn't really adversity), so you are faced with a challenge to overcome in your family and you fail initially to look outside of your little family unit? I panicked. I stressed.

Yes, well it did finally dawn on me that luckily we do have a network of families to help out. Skadi is still in a preschool/daycare setting and so she isn't the issue, it was what to do with Leif. Who would meet his bus?

I went into action - I e-mailed my three closest friends with kids my son's same age and in the same school. Of course they all came to the rescue with solutions of offering to take Leif after school.

Phew. I could make my Cost/Resource Loading class after all.

Then the next day they changed the name of the class, "Stress Management".

Then they cancelled class for that Thursday and rescheduled it for two Tuesdays away.


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