Thursday, June 09, 2011

Feeling the neighborhood love

Or not.

When AB and I were looking for our second home we weren't terribly particular with neighborhoods. We just wanted a nice home and really, in our part of the town, anything was open to us as we just wanted to be in the South end of the city.

When we found our house we didn't really think about the temple on the corner of a particular religious persuassion. Maybe we should have thought about that we were living in "Temple Meadows".

When I tell people where I live I can easily say, "behind the temple" and people know where we are. I have had more than one person say, "oh, are you XXX religion?" Maybe we should have known? Or maybe we were just naive.

Honestly I don't know how many of our neighbors are of that particular religion.

I believe this is partly because after just over two years in our home, we don't know our neighbors.

In our old neighborhood we knew the first names of our neighbors on each side, their kids and families up and down the street. We had two teenagers ready to babysit and knew that the guy four houses down was running for Mayor. We met and banded together to oppose construction of an apartment complex behind us as well as to request that a builder who came in to develop the last two lots in our neighborhood follow the code established (that required that 1/3 of the front of the house be in rock or brick). We were a community.

I don't get that in our new neighborhood. We know our neighbors immediately adjacent on one side alright, an elderly couple who are quite sweet and very helpful with RV and yard questions. And I know the family down from them only a little. Their kids are staggered from ours and the oldest isn't terribly interested in playing with someone 18 months younger than him and their youngest has a weird and vocal aversion to girls.

Yeah, we don't do much with them.

It isn't like we hide in our house. We walk most evenings around the neighborhood. We sit out on our patio and the kids play in the yard.

Still I feel as though the neighbors walk a wide berth.

I have wondered if it is because we aren't one of "them". (The ones who attend the temple.)

Or if we just live in an unfriendly neighborhood?

This blog has been rolling around in my head for a few months. Maybe even a year. How do I write this without whining. Or seeming like I am opposed to their religious persuassion (I think I blogged about Leif stating that Darth Vadar lived in the temple.)

Tonight kind of kicked it over that edge.

We were out for our evening walk and walked down a street that we walk maybe once or twice a month. Skadi was on her trike (as she is boycotting the bike with training wheels we were loaned), Leif was walking and the dogs were ambling along. A woman came out of her house.

AB: "Hello, what a lovely evening!"

Witch: "I don't like you or your dogs because they poop in my yard."

Umm hello to you too.

Nope. My dogs don't poop in your yard. They might walk there on occasion. But they don't poop there.

Rudeness? My neighborhood has it.


Jay said...

That is very rude! I ask people not to let their dog pee on my lawn but I'd never say THAT! LOL
The people I have had deelings with of THAT persuasion have all beenincreadibly kind and helpful. How very odd that you don't find it so. Perhaps those that live around the temple are ill tempered and in need of additional guidence so they have located close to have additional help close at hand ;o)
( I google mapped your address to see who we might be talking about)

RAB said...

Uh! I've found hit or miss with neighbors too. When Eric and I lived in VA, my neighbors prided themselves on NOT knowing each other. I was even asked, upon introducing myself to my neighbor, "why bother, I've lived here 20 years and don't know anyone." Ouch.

Folks have been a lot more friendly here, perhaps its because we too banded together to try and oppose the use of our street as a through street for the new development.

Sorry to hear your neighbors are so rude! Maybe new ones will move in and the tide will turn!

Pam said...

Wow, what a witchy "neighbor". My neighbors are friendly enough - wave, say hello but never really get together with any of them. Then I hear about people who attend parties of neighbors, helping each other out to watch kids etc. I'm a bit jealous. So I understand where you're coming from. Bummer.