Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skadi's Castle on a Cloud

Or somewhere... not quite sure where... last I heard it was at "the North Pole and 12 miles west".

About 6 months ago Skadi first told us about her castle. (Coincidentally this was about the same time she was requesting "Castle on a Cloud" from AB each night as her bedtime song.)

"I want to take you there sometime mommy," she told me.

Some kids have imaginary friends, Skadi has her imaginary place. Her stories of her castle haven't ceased, they continue and they sometime become quite elaborate.

"At my castle the princesses were dancing inside yesterday and the princes waited outside in the yard till they quit dancing so they could go inside and then have chicken nuggets with the princesses," she told us.

The other day we had Chinese food and Skadi declared, "I have chicken with Chinese ketchup at my castle all the time." (Chinese ketchup = sweet and sour sauce)

"At my castle I have pictures on the wall of Spring, Summer and Fall, but not Winter," she declared the other day.

AB built the kids an elevated playhouse hoping that would satisfy Skadi's need for a castle and that it could be in our backyard. Naw, it's just the tree house now, it isn't a castle, or so Skadi tells us.

"We are going to plant flowers at my castle this weekend," she explained when I asked what we should do this weekend.

We used to giggle and marvel about her imagination when the castle first came up. Now the castle is just a multiple times a day conversation pieces. I wish I could see in her brain what her castle looks like!

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