Friday, December 08, 2006

Things I never thought I would do/say:

"Would you like to watch me go potty and then you can go too?"

Turn up Daryl Hall and John Oates singing "Jingle Bell Rock".

Read a book about poop, with enthusiasm.

Send my son into daycare carrying his breakfast, in a Starbucks bag, neatly packed by Starbucks.

"Yes, maybe a minivan is a good option."

Buy shoes from Lands End.

To my stylist, "I don't care as long as I can pull it into a ponytail".

"Yes, I would like help to my car with my groceries."

Wear yoga pants to work and be completely fine with how I look.

"But you had macaroni and cheese for lunch, are you sure you want it for dinner too?" And secretly be excited.

Be worried that the daycare teacher actually believes Leif when he says, "I eat chocolate lots at home".

Rewind a commercial five times. I bought Tivo so I wouldn't have to watch commercials. (Leif's favorite thing on TV right now is the Pampers commercial with Silent Night playing.)

Have Sesame Street ornaments on my Christmas tree. And all on one branch.

Have no clue whatsoever to get a teenager for Christmas, consult their guest list, and then declare that I will not buy any of that crap for them.

"No, Kurt Cobain only died a couple years ago, I remember I was a senior in college." (I was a senior in college in 93-94.)

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