Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Moving on, nothing to see here...

I did a pretty half ass job at my Decluttering November goals. It just became a November that wouldn’t let up. I ended up home a few days with a sick kid, but even then, just couldn’t get it all done. I think my list was ambitious:
  • Master Closet (didn’t organize)
  • My clothes – purge (DONE – and ongoing, I threw another sweater in the Goodwill stack this morning)
  • Skadi’s bedroom, closet and bathroom (ignored completely)
  • My bathroom and the boys’ bathroom (didn’t really tackle with veracity, more like picked at it
  • Purge Silas’ clothes (DONE)
  • Get rid of the stuff I have purged (FAIL, nothing has sold that I listed, so it needs to go to Goodwill or get given away. But it is ready to get out of the house – if Odin would
  • Bonus – Leif’s bedroom. Because Grandpa came and stayed in Leif’s room, his room did get a good once over. But not the closet.
So for December I am going to continue on the organize path and hit the below items I failed at in November.
  • Get rid of the purged stuff.
  • Master Closet
  • Leif’s closet (it isn’t abysmal yet, so if we get on top of it now, it won’t be a huge job.
  • Skadi’s bedroom, closet and bathroom (Gag.)
Then the last one is the trailer. It isn’t something that I really WANT to do, but on our Thanksgiving tree cutting two night trip I made a huge restock list, I found loads of stuff that just needs to come inside or be thrown away. And there are some modifications I want – I want shelves in my “closet”. Stupidest thing ever, a closet that is useless (typical RV closet...) and I don’t need things hung up on that stupid hard to use rack. I want shelves in there. Of course I will need AB for that. I would love shelves in the cupboard where I keep plates and bowls and cups. And the trailer needs a good cleaning. Especially if we plan to be in it for nearly a week in December.

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