Thursday, February 06, 2014

9 Month Comparison

So I am a bit slow in posting my 9 month comparison. But here it is!

Wt: 24 lbs 4 oz - 90th
Length: 29" - 75th

Wt: 24 lbs 3 oz - 98th
Length: 29" - 87th

Yes seriously. I can't figure out why Skadi looked so much chunkier honestly.

Wt: 20 lbs 12 oz - 50th
Length: 28" - 75th


Jay said...

Hi there!2 things, do you know what standard your doctor uses to provide you with this information? I am currently working on a project to ensure that children are evaluated on the basis of "how" they are fed. Many doctors use formula company sponsored growth charts which show a different growth curve than what is expected of those children nourished with mother's milk. This can result in children being weaned to formula because of the perceived "failure to thrive" or seeming to fall behind. In my project we will be distributing the W.H.O charts and guidelines for use with children who are partially of fully breast fed.

The other thing is, I opened my desk drawer and there before my eyes was the peds appointment slips from 1981-1982 for my second son! It does seem as though they appeared by magic!

He was 29 3/4" at 9 mos and actually underweight by whatever standard they were using, at 21.16 pounds (average weight for height of 22lbs) This seems odd now because we always think of him as a chubby baby but clearly he wasn't!

You have SUCH beautiful children.

Flowersin Myhair said...

♥I love the pix♥