Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Influential to Me

So my last post was about influential music as a whole. A lot of it isn’t my style. I am not a Beatles fan (I know, sacrilege), not a big country fan (which is why I couldn’t list a single Garth Brooks album, but knew he needed to be there). So I got to thinking, what is MY most influential music? What music through my 40 – some years has moved me?
A lot comes from my parents and then from people around me. In this list I am painting a broader stroke and not listing the albums necessarily, maybe they are bands, or individual songs. Here it is… my list of 50 influential to Nuclear Mom music (attempting to hit these somewhat chronologically - honestly because it is easier that way):
Musical Foundation – The 70’s
Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever (my first “favorite” song – I am sure this is courtesy of my dad)
Bert and Ernie’s Greatest Hits (And I have this cd for my kids too.)
Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Janis Joplin (my mom’s favorite when I was a kid)
Bob Dylan (still resides in my top 5)
Donna Summers
The Bee Gees
Willie Nelson
John Denver
Childhood – Basically the late 70’s and early 80’s
Grease, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Joan Jett and the BlackHearts – (a female hard core musician!)
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Squeeze – Black Coffee in Bed (the first video I saw on MTV)
Meat Loaf – Bat out of Hell (“On a hot summer’s night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?”)
Pink Floyd – The Wall
The Stray Cats
Junior High – 80’s at its best
Pretty in Pink Soundtrack (worn out, thoroughly worn out)
Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill
Prince and the Parade
The Cure
Michael Jackson (oh how embarrassing…)
High School – a switch out of the main stream
Bad Religion
Social Distortion
Elvis Costello
English Beat
The Ramones
The Clash
Black Flag
The Descendents/All
Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bullocks
The Vandals
Dirty Dancing (shhh… don’t tell my friends)
Michelle Shocked – Short Sharp Shocked
The Church
Tracy Chapman
The Doors
College/Grad School – quality music/talent
Richard Thompson
Nancy Griffith
Joe Jackson
The Cranberries – Everybody Else is Doing It
The Best of Gil-Scot Heron
Marc Cohn
Ray Charles
Soul Coughing
Miles Davis
Grateful Dead
Johnny Cash
Dave Matthews
Jack Johnson

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