Sunday, April 01, 2012

Leif and Skadi's Spring Break of Fun

This afternoon we decided to make a giant list of all our fun plans for Spring Break. The highlight of Leif's week is looking not to be the trip to the movie theater, or the plans to go swimming or to the gymnastics gym.

Nope, it's a lemonade stand.

He plans to offer two varieties of lemonade (from lemons and from powder), take a vote on which tastes better and offer homemade cookies for sale too. Skadi is planning on filling the role of graphic artist and making the sign - she has already made our name tags, "so that everyone knows it is OUR business". He is planning on advertising through Facebook, but has expressed a bit of conern about "inspectors" who may come by.


So the kids' list (as written by Leif):

Lenumade Stand
Go to parik
Make chicken samdwiches
Make cookes with lemunade
Slep down stars (Sleep downstairs)
Learn cursive


Jay said...

I love the inventive spelling! It's great when kids begin to use words in practical ways. I have a few shopping lists written for me by my now 30 year old son. I could never bear to part withg them.

Jay said...

I love the inventive spelling! It is so amazing when kids start to use words to work for them in their everyday life. I have a few shopping lists my son wrote out for me when he was Leif's age. I can't bear to part with them.