Monday, October 10, 2011

Flooring selections

This fall we plan to replace our office and dining room crap carpet with hardwood. We went and picked out five options and once home immediately narrowed it down to three.

Going from three to one has proven to be more difficult. We love them all for various reasons. Here is where you come in.

Vote! I am posting the three options below. Please post in my comments picking your favorite selection and stating why.

A few details about our house. It is a very traditional style house. Lots of windows, two stories. We only plan to use this flooring in the two front rooms of the house - the formal dining room and office. There are two - yes two - different types of tile off the formal dining room.

The builders/original owners of this house were spastic with flooring. We have about five different carpets and three different tiles throughout the house. I need some consistency. The office and dining room are separated by a dark clay/terra cotta colored smooth tile. Off the formal dining room on the other side is pale cream rough tile.

We have maple trim.

The first is tiger bamboo. It is a solid hardwood, two toned bamboo. Bamboo is of an advantage because it is also the hardest material out there - and we have dogs.

Close up of the bamboo.

 The second choice is a tobacco teak, handscraped hardwood. It has a rough finish and will successfully hide little dings and dents.

Australian Cypress. The light color matches our trim very well. Disadvantage is that it is light and shiny and will show many different dings and dents.

So... what are your thoughts?


Jo said...

The handscraped teak is very similar to mine but mine doesnt have the color variations...obviously my first choice. lol. I love how the handscraped waves look when the floor is finished. Not a fan of the bamboo because of the funkyness of the looks good but how good will it look if you change your furniture style etc. to something more formal/traditional? I'm not fond of the last one BUT only because I dont like light colored wood. If it matches your trim, I think it would look nice. I love a shiny finish on flooring.

RAB said...

I'm a fan of the bamboo. I like the color variations and if you've got maple trim, it may pick up some of the color of the bamboo. The main plus = durability! The tobacco teak is nice, too. How do both floors play up with the new colors on the walls? That may help too. Good luck!

Jay said...

The darker the colour the mor likely it is to show debris dust and dog hair!

Vargasgirl said...

I vote for the Tabacco Teak because I think the style would look best in your house. Especially with the new paint :)

nadinebc said...

tobacco teak!

nadinebc said...

tobacco teak!!

Jay said...

the australian cypress looks likeit belongs in a "country" -themed house.It's very rustic looking.