Friday, July 08, 2011

Best Purchase Ever

The past few years AB and I have debated and studied RVs. (Yes, my 16 year old self is so laughing at me right now.) We finally honed in on a travel trailer and after another year or so decided what we wanted... queen bed (preferably with a separation wall), bunks and preferably four seasons since we had hopes at the time of using it year round... or at least 3 seasons of the year. This May we happened upon a lesser known brand at a great price (similar to what we were going to pay for a used version) and pounced.

We worried... were we going to suffer buyer's regret? Will we really use it? Will we LIKE it?

Four trips out later and we are sold. We love it. We use it. And no buyer's regret.

The step stool is there for the kids to access the bunk. Bathroom behind the door.

Leif gets the top bunk and loves it. Skadi is less enthused with the bunks for some reason. I am wondering if she isn't a bit clautrophobic. But after a few trips out and her waking and screaming all throughout the nights we gave in and put her on the fold out sofa. It pretty much never gets folded in actually as the kids like it out and it is more comfortable that way.

Yep, we are all quite sold on our new purchase. We enjoy having the place to sleep indoors, the heater when needed and the AC when needed. So far we have mostly dry camped, which has its own learning curve. But we have it pretty well mastered so far. The generator that AB purchased gives us an extra bit of insurance.

But best of all it has enabled trips that created memories for the kids like the ones below:

Leif's Rainbow Salmon... or Trout... whichever it is...

Still Leif's rainbow trout... but Skadi wanted a picture holding it.

Hiking and playing with the slugs.

More fishing...

Everyone loves fishing.

Even "Girl Grover" loves fishing!


Pam said...

It looks really nice. And everyone looks to be having a great time. Glad there is no buyer's remorse.

Jo said...

Awesome! We are going to upgrade in the fall I think. Once the house is finished. I need a separate bedroom so we dont have to fold up the bed/table for breakfast. You should go on a long Newfoundland. lol

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Loved this post-seeing your new RV. Our oldest daughter&her hubby just got a mini-Winnie. WE are taking it camping next weekend and then they are goign to flip it-bummer-I'm getting too old to sleep on the ground. The one photo of the kiddos with the big black dog behind them made me look closer cause it looked like a bear.
Enjoy your new home away from home.

Vargasgirl said...

I am so excited for you guys! Sounds like the Perfect purchase! I love it!